Allan Carson (Chair), Shona Davidson (Vice Chair), Joanne Cameron (Secretary), Nigel Campbell (Treasurer),Taran Campbell (Committee Member), Gordon Davis, Mike Joy, Niki Mackenzie, Natalie Murray, Andrew Urquhart and Michael Vass are formally in charge of the charity as the trustees. For more information click on a name in the box below.

Due to pressure of work Andrew Urquhart stood down as the Chairman in December 2015 when Allan Carson took over.

HSPA works closely with High Life Highland and the Highland Council and councillors Graham Ross and Hamish Wood attend meetings from time to time.

The committee meets once a month usually at the Hilton Community Centre

Name Role
Taran Campbell Committee Member
Joanne Cameron Secretary
Nigel Campbell Treasurer
Allan Carson Chair
Gordon Davis Trustee
Niki Mackenzie Trustee
Mike Joy Trustee
Natalie Murray Trustee
Shona Davidson Vice Chair
Andrew Urquhart Trustee
Michael Vass Trustee
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