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Forthcoming Events

BMX Sessions at Hilton

Friday 19th August 2016
(and fortnightly thereafter)


Our BMX Sessions are back at Hilton!!

6.00pm - 7.15pm

£4 per session or £3 if you are a member of HSPA.

See details below

Natalie 07979394558

Hilton Skateboard Sessions

Saturday 20th August 2016
(And fortnightly thereafter)


Our skateboard sessions are now at The Inverness Skate Park!!

These sessions will run fortnightly starting from Saturday 20th August 2016, 10.00am-11.30am.
£4 per session £3 if you are a member of HSPA.
Boards and safety equipment provided, all ages and levels of experience welcome!

*In the event of a session being cancelled due to bad weather etc, we will notify by our Facebook Page. If the ground is wet on the morning of session it is unlikely that it will go ahead due to health & safety. (Please check our Facebook page before leaving if in doubt!)

Joanne 01463 871551

Recent News

Payments for Floodlighting from Jan 30, 2016


From Feb 6, 2016 floodlighting will no longer be free. As you can imagine we need to recover the cost of the lighting. We have taken advice about the system to use from other charity skate parks in the UK.

After dark, lights will only go on when a lighting card is put into the card reader which will be attached to the green lighting control box. Lighting cards will cost £2 and will keep the lights on for one hour. We are making arrangements for lighting cards to be purchased from the Inverness Leisure Centre. Only members will be able to buy lighting cards, so the Leisure Centre will only sell them to members who can show their membership card.

Becoming a member involves completing a membership form and paying a minimum of £10. If you are under 16 the membership form will need to be signed by a parent. Membership forms are available from the downloads page of the website. If possible please pay by standing order.

Your membership subscription will help us to pay for insurance and maintenance and continue to improve the park. In addition to having access to floodlighting you will enjoy special prices for coaching, discounts at shops and other benefits and be part of the charity's governing body.




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