Changing Your email password

You may wish to change your email password from the one that has been allocated to you. Although the developers don't look at the different mail accounts it does make sure that your emails are kept private.

1. Login in your email using your email address and allocated password.

2. Click on the configure button as shown below:


3. Then click on the Extras link at the bottom of the left hand pane:


You will have to wait a few seconds untill all the possible options, including Password, are displayed in the main panel.

4. Click on Password. A screen will open showing your email address and with 2 boxes. Enter your new password in both:


Then logout of your email from the link in the top right of the screen. You will then need to log back in to your email using your new password.

Using your email account with Thunderbird or Outlook

You can use your email accunt with Mozilla's Thunderbird email client or Microsoft's Outlook and Express. For details of the settings please email Rob Elliott at ten.weivhtarts|bor#ten.weivhtarts|bor or call Rob on 0770 666 7818

If you have any problems with using your email account or any questions please contact ten.weivhtarts|bor#ten.weivhtarts|bor

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