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Highland Skate Parks Association

The Highland Skate Parks Association (HSPA) is a sports organisation and registered charity focused on the BMX and skateboard communities in Inverness and the surrounding areas.

Our vision is to:
• Provide facilities and activities of the highest standard for wheeled sports in The Highlands.
• Encourage young people to enjoy and benefit from the sports.
• Work in co-operation with other sports bodies.
• Operate as an independent charity.

The charity was established in July 2011. It has raised £455,000 for a new skate park in Inverness and has helped the group in Muir of Ord raise £200K for a roof over its skate park.

Over 250 have attended coaching sessions at the Hilton Mall in Inverness. BMX coaching started in Feb 2014 and the group organises events and regular away trips to indoor skate parks.

HSPA works closely with Highlife Highland, its Youth Development Officers and Active Schools Coordinators.

More information is available from the download below and you can contact us as follows.

Andrew Urquhart, Chairman moc.liamg|57trahuqruwerdna#moc.liamg|57trahuqruwerdna
Joanne Cameron, Secretary Tel 01463 871551; ku.oc.hctapsllebeulb|ennaoj#ku.oc.hctapsllebeulb|ennaoj
Nigel Campbell, Treasurer Tel 01997 433608; ku.oc.nirroluc|legin#ku.oc.nirroluc|legin

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